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קטגוריה: PHP Scripts הוגש על ידי: Lior
  The Ultimate Contact Form    פופולרי
An exclusive multi purpose PHP contact form including 100% spam protection!

* You can use up to endless target e-mail address. Those addresses are stored only on your server so the clients have no way to steal or even see them (they can only see the shortcut numbers).
* Hotlink protection with a white list.
* Declaring required fields which must be filled.
* Basic check for the sender's e-mail address.
* Reporting the sender's OS and IP address.
* Messages can be sent and/or logged.
* Much more!

Parameters - global and/or per form
required (fields that must be filled)
successpage (none by default)
errorpage (none by default)
subject (none by default)
autoreply (enabled by default)

Parameters - per form only
sendto (using numbers)
archive (same, but for log files)

message is the message itself (usually a textarea). But if you want to use extended fields, then simply use message as an array (e.g. message[comments], message[your_hobby], etc.).

What's New
Current Version:
+ Added spam protection (by answering a chosen question)

Version 3.4:
+ Now allowing empty referrers.
* Fixed the reporting of the e-mail address.
+ Put a line break before the referrer in the auto reply message.

Version 3.3:
* The sender's e-mail address must be legit (a basic test).

Version 3.2:
+ Required fields can now be declared either globally and/or per form.
* Some code improvements.

Version 3.1:
+ Auto reply can now be declared either globally and/or per form.
* Fixed some errors when "message" was used as an array.

Version 3:
* Improved the code significantly.
* Now proccessing the unofficial input fields directly.
+ The error messages are better handled.
- Removed the size limitation from the lists.
* Upgraded the original script.

Version 2.4:
+ Provided default values for the return link.

Version 2.3:
* Fixed the domain protection.
* Fixed the required fields protection.

Version 2.2:
+ Now allowing to enable whole domains or just subdomains.

Version 2.1:
* No longer directly using global variables (i.e. no need for PHP's "register_globals").

1) Configure your settings in the script.
2) Take a look at the example file.
3) Make your own form.
4) Enjoy!
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