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  The Launcher    פופולרי
This is basically a dynamic shortcut helper with extra parameters to delete leftovers, etc.

Sometimes I need to launch a program, but I want some things to happen in the background before/during/after the program is launched. Or maybe I want to run the program from a dynamic path ("%something%"). Windows' shortcuts are static and can't do anything except launching the program.

It's especially important as many small programs don't have uninstallers. Nevertheless, they do leave traces behind in the registry or otherwise.

Using this, you'll be able to launch any program using a dynamic "Start in" folder, supply optional parameters if needed and even delete any traces once the program exits.

What's New
+ Added new options.

Version 3.2:
* The alternate working folder can now be relative (e.g. "..\folder") just like the other parameters.

Version 3.1:
+ Added a new parameter - "startin:", which lets you declare an alternate working folder.
* Improved the help screen a bit.

Version 3:
+ Added support for system variables (e.g. %ProgramFiles%). In other words, you can now use dynamic paths.

Use this as a middleman in your otherwise static shortcuts. Instead of writing just "program.exe" in your shortcut, write "launch program.exe parameters". The paramters are "launch"'s paramters.

To get the list of parameters and see some examples, simply click on it.

Yes, I know, it may look complicated at first sight, but if you learn to use it, you'll see it's a very powerful tool.

Installation & Uninstallation
It's a clean tool (no registry, no DLLs, etc.).
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